Hullo. My name is Ena Jarales, and I have been writing since I was six years old. My first poem entitled Have You? was triggered by a query on the proprietary relationship between Mickey Mouse and Pluto. I finished my History degree at the Ateneo de Manila University in 2015 and taught at the college level at Xavier University until early 2016, with the sole regret that I have written fewer poems since. (Update: I am currently teaching at the senior high school level at Corpus Christi School.)

I keep many commonplace books, both physical and virtual. Fly(er) on the Wall is but one of them. It draws inspiration from Maria Popova’s own commonplace book and inventory of the meaningful life, here.

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A fly on the wall is a subtle observer of worldly phenomena, a connoisseur of wonder. A flyer is in a way its opposite; intended for public space, it aims to express and to impress. Nonetheless, flies and flyers alike capitalize on meaning, on both the search for and the generation of it — and it has been found that rambling often cannot be helped in the process.

While not as philosophically profound as most ramblings go, the ones on this site often concern my observations on the Filipino people, for whom I write and about whom I cannot always limit my thoughts to 140 characters. (Update: Not even 280 characters, it would appear.)

Of course, Filipino or not, I hope a thing or two here will mean something to you, dear reader.

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