An Appreciation for Muggle-made Harry Potter Book Covers

Part of the timeless appeal of the seven-book Harry Potter series is from its author J.K. Rowling‘s (b. July 31, 1965) proclivity for and attention to detail, despite nine years having passed since the publication of the final volume. Schoolbooks and school requirements, potion ingredients, shop names, even wand details — these and many more intricacies not only serve to bolster the imagery of the Wizarding World, but more often than not play crucial roles in the books’ storylines.

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It should come as no surprise, then, that given Rowling’s loving curation of her imagined universe, Muggles have responded with no less than lovingly produced tributes. There is a rich pool of detail in the books that simply begs to be translated into visual art for Muggles handy with a brush or a pen, traditional or digital, published or unofficial, fan or no fan.

Now, Muggle cliché dictates that books must not be judged solely by their covers; this may well be understandable if the perpetrator of said cliché never encountered The Monster Book of Monsters or The Invisible Book of Invisibility. However, no one has said anything about not appreciating book covers, especially when they have been as whimsically and thoughtfully crafted as the ones below.

By Risa Rodil on Tumblr.

By Jerry Hanro on Behance.

By Rob Westendorp for Uitgeverij De Harmonie (published 2010).

By Kincső Nagy on Behance.

By Kevin Greenspan on Behance.

By Meg Krampf on Imgur.

By M. S. Corley on Blogspot.

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By Leigh Wortley on Behance.

By Claire Jacobmeyer on Behance.

By Natalie Andrewson on Tumblr.

By Raxenne Maniquiz on Behance.

By Risa Rodil (again!) on Behance.

[ Disclaimer: While there are obviously many fabulous book cover redesigns apart from the ones here — e.g. this, thisthis, or this — this writer chose only the complete sets with all seven books. ]

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