Fallacy in the Aquino-Marcos-Ateneo Discourse

There is a Tagalog saying that goes, “Walang mahirap gisingin gaya ng nagtutulog-tulugan.” (There is no one harder to wake than a person pretending to be asleep.) That is, a little stubbornness goes a long way.

In the case of the Philippine electorate, there is no one more bothersome to correct or to debate with than a person who stubbornly believes that his/her logical reasoning is right, even when it is not. While said person may be within his/her own circumstances to believe what he/she believes, in the universal sense, there remain standards that are not malleable to personal convenience.


In April 2016, the Ateneo de Manila University community publicly condemned the historical revisionism currently perpetuated under vice presidential aspirant Ferdinand ‘Bongbong‘ Marcos, Jr. The former’s statement was only too timely: Marcos is currently leading in electoral surveys, even when he continues to refuse to acknowledge the atrocities and human rights violations that his family permitted (even initiated) during the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’s regime.

The school quickly received backlash from Marcos loyalists and martial law apologists, and was even accused of conspiring with outgoing president Benigno ‘Noynoy‘ Aquino III.

In the diagram above are examples of logical fallacies tweeted by Jackie J. Tolentino, a philosophy instructor from the Ateneo. These fallacies actually circulated as acceptable witticisms in the backlash, and now must be corrected. After all, one does not need to be on Marcos’s side, on Aquino’s side, or even on the school’s side to necessitate sensible argumentation.